Our Environmental Policy

Box and Seal is totally committed to the prevention of pollution and minimising any effect on the environment which might be caused by the processes we undertake.

Corrugated fibreboard packaging has been environmentally friendly for more than 100 years. It is completely recyclable and is produced in an energy efficient fashion. It does not deplete rain forests, neither does it pose any threat to people or to the environment.

Box and seal has an agreement with Sita UK recycling where all production waste and trimmings are returned to a paper mill to be 100% recycled.

Want to minimise amount of packaging used whenever possible

We source all our raw materials as locally as possible.

We are committed in minimising the impact of our activities on the environment by:

  • Recycling around 10 tonnes of production waste per month;
  • Recycling all toner cartridges and paper used in our offices;
  • Re-using and repairing pallets where possible;
  • Encouraging all canteen waste, such as cans, bottles and plastic cups, to be recycled.
  • Grouping our deliveries where possible to save fuel.
  • Purchasing all electricity on a green tariff from renewables.
  • Procuring and marketing new greener biodegradable packaging materials where possible.


Branches in Bristol and Swindon
Tel. 01179 537222 or 01793 855855